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Tahiti FAAA International AirportThe Tahiti Faa'a Airport on the island of Tahiti is the one and only international airport servicing French Polynesia.

All flights to the islands (unless you own your own private boat or plane) arrive here first, no matter your origin.

The Tahiti Faa'a International airport is managed by Setil Airport company and is a lazy feeling, medium sized, well organized, clean business center where several large international carriers as well as the smaller inter-island and charter companies provide flying services to the French Polynesian Islands.

Tahiti Faaa International AirportAlthough never overly crowded, the most activity will be when 2 or more international flights are coming and going to Papeete at the same time, in which case there is not enough seating for those unfortunate enough to have long layovers there.

Airport amenities include several gift and pearl boutiques, a flower shop, car rental and tour operator offices, restaurants, cyber points, and a duty free shop (after you pass through immigration) that will beckon you to spend your last international dollars before you leave Tahiti.

There's also a money exchange point, post office, and bank that open and close in tandem with the arriving international flights and have uncertain schedules at other points throughout the day.

Just 100 feet in front of the terminal (in the parking lot), you will find the "Fare Hei"- a market and display center for Polynesian products where brightly colored, mostly elderly Tahitian women exhibit their handiwork and crafts: shell necklaces, pareaus, flower necklaces and trinkets. (all of which are for sale)

Air Moorea is located in an adjacent building within close walking distance.

Also in the parking lot is a storage area where you can leave your bags (for a fee) while you go into Papeete or have time to kill and don't want to lug around your bags.

Just out of the parking lot (directly across from the terminal) and up a few stairs is the Le Truck stop, where you can easily get a ride into Papeete. The fare is just around 1 dollar and 30 cents per way in comparison to at least 10 dollars in a taxi. Schedules vary and thin out the later it gets in the evening, but you can usually catch a ride between the airport and Papeete. (around 3 miles or so)

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