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Air Tahiti Flies to all the Society Islands

Papeete, Tahiti is the main hub from which all Island vacations in Tahiti Polynesia begin.

Having the only international airport in all of French Polynesia, it's the starting point for your Tahitian experience.

So unless you own your own yacht or jet, you'll need to make arrangements to get to Papeete first, no matter what your other island plans may include.

The main island of Tahiti is of course a major destination by itself. The common travel scenario is to first arrive in Tahiti and explore the island, and from there begin to explore the other islands comprising French Polynesia.

This webpage is designed to help you make those plans. Contact the airlines and charter services direct and make the decisions yourself by using the information below as your guide or consult our TRAVEL AGENT

Setil AirportsInternational Flights to Papeete, Tahiti- Nui

Air Tahiti NuiArrivals fly into the capital city of Papeete on the main island of Tahiti-Nui in French Polynesia.

The airport there is called the Tahiti-Faaa International Airport. Click here for airport details and amenities.

International airlines regulary scheduling flights to Papeete:

Air New Zealand


You'll most likely need to get to a good sized city or a Tahiti flight "hub" to fly direct to Papeete on these airlines. Los Angeles is probably the biggest and most commonly used airhub or stopover used by all these airlines. E-mail them or call to see if they can offer you the connections you need, or consult with our travel agent.

Charter Flights/ Small Planes

There are a number of small planes and charter companies regularly flying from Tahiti to the rest of the Society Islands and beyond. Air Tahiti is the largest of them with the most regularly scheduled flights, but check the listings below for details.

Air TahitiAir Tahiti

Main office is in Tahiti Faaa Airport, P.O. Box 314, Papeete- TAHITI
Telephone Standard: (689) 86.40.00,
RESERVATIONS: (689) 86.42.42, or fax (689) 86.40.69
Moorea Office: (689) 56.10.34
Fleet: 5 ATR72's (capacity 66), and 3 ATR42's (capacity 48)


Air Tahiti flies to 39 Polynesian islands including all Society Islands, the Tuamotus, the Marquesas, and Australs. Scheduled flights or charter flights available. Contact Air Tahiti direct for exact information regarding questions, flight details, and reserving or purchasing tickets.

AIR ARCHIPELS (Private Charter Flights)
P.O. Box 6019 Faaa- TAHITI
Tel. (689)81.30.30, Fax (689)86.42.69,
Fleet: 1 Conquest 2, 1 Beechcraft B2


AIR MOOREA (Private Charter Flights)
Main office in Papeete, TAHITI
Telephone (689) 86.41.41, Fax (689) 86.42.99, (689) 56.10.34 (Moorea)
Fleet: 2 Twin Otters, 3 Britten Normans, 1 Dornier


Polynesia HelicopteresBy Helicopter

These birds are the ultimate island hoppers! The ONLY helicopter service in French Polynesia providing inter-island travel and flightseeing is Polynesia Helicopteres (formerly known as Heli-Inter).

This company has been doing business in French Polynesia for years and caters to the more... shall we say... "influental" of travelers. TST says "If you can afford it, go for it!"


Based out of the Tahiti- Faa'a International Airport
P.O. Box 6109- 98 702, Faaa- TAHITI, Tel.(689) 54.87.20, Fax (689) 54.87.21

Flights upon request to ALL Polynesian destinations, specializing in the Society Islands of Bora Bora, Moorea, Tupai and the Marquesan island of Nuku Hiva.

By Sea

Ferrys and large capacity boats regularly traveling to the Society Islands and beyond:

Motu Uta, Fare-Ute, Papeete- TAHITI, (P.O. Box 368 Papeete- TAHITI), Telephone- (689) 42.63.93/ 43.79.72
Fax- (689) 42.06.17
Maximum Capacity: 12 Passengers on deck., 1 cabin containing 4 berths, 3 Weekly voyages.

Office hours in Papeete:
Monday to Friday- 7:30am-11:00am, then 1:30pm-5:00pm, Saturday- 7:30am-11:00pm

Motu Uta, Fare-Ute, Papeete- TAHITI,(P.O. Box 9 062 Motu-Uta, Papeete-TAHITI), Telephone- (689) 41.25.35, Fax- (689) 41.24.34
Max. Capacity: 90 passengers on deck.12 cabins with 2 berths, 2cabins with 3 berths, 1 private cabin, toilet and air conditioning. 3 Weekly voyages, Restaurant on Board.

Note: Passengers are accepted on board ship in cabin only for Wednesday voyage. Office hours in Papeete:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday-7:00am-5:00pm, Tuesday and Thursday-7:00am-11:00am, then 1:00pm-5:00pm
Saturday- 8:00am-11:00am

STIM- The "HAWAIKI- NUI" - Papeetes newest transport boat!
12 passengers in double cabines - 20 passengers on deck. 2 trips a week.
Departure Tuesdays and Thursdays afternoon from Papeete.

First trip: Papeete/ Huahine/ Tahaa/ Bora-Bora/Papeete | Second trip: Papeete/ Bora-Bora/ Tahaa/ Raiatea/ Huahine/ Papeete

*** Don't forget about the various cruiselines that go to Tahiti and her islands regularly. See our special Cruiselines & Island Charters section for details... ***

*** Access to Tahiti and Papeete can also be achieved via various sailing and private boat charters. Papeete is a world renowned international port and sailing destination for many people touring the South Seas. See our special Sailing, Boat Charter, & Marine Info section for details... ***

How to Get Around Once You Arrive

When you first arrive to Tahiti by plane (that includes most of you...), you will be arriving at the Faaa International Airport in the district of Faaa. If you have pre-planned your trip, many of you will be greeted by your hotel or pension.

Le' Truck- BoraBora
Le' Truck- Always classic...

For those of you who haven't made those arrangements, you will have various choices of transportation available to you- either from the airport, or from other points on the island. This page is here to help you figure out your options:

Rental cars are perhaps the most popular form of getting around Tahiti, because they offer the most freedom. They are a great way of seeing Tahiti, but not necessarily the most economical.

(See the basic price guide in the rental car section on this page to give you some ideas on pricing.) If you haven't pre- arranged a rental car with your hotel, (recommended), you will most likely be able to book one direct from the airport, provided they have cars available. (See TST note below)
There are a few other forms of transportation worthy of taking advantage of on Tahiti, depending on your schedule or personality:

One of the BEST WAYS TO GET AROUND THE ISLAND, and by far the most economical, is the famous "Le Truck" service... For Papeete and the nearby hotels, it's virtually unbeatable for convenience.

Scooters and bicycles are also decent and economical ways of getting around Tahiti, but limiting in some ways. And of course, there are always Taxis around to help you when you need them.

Taxi Service/ Minibus

Local Taxi service is also good, but can be quite spendy depending on your destination. A simple 10 minute ride from the airport to your nearby hotel can run you $20.00 or more. Nevertheless, taxis are numerous and quite dependable and a common form of transportation, especially in Papeete.

Tahiti Sun Travel Recommends:

Take a Tour of Tahiti with Carl!Carl's Transports & Tours

Based in Papeete, Tahiti
24 HOUR HOTLINE: (689) 77.13.69
Contact: Mr. Carl Emery, Accept most credit cards
E-MAIL & Reservations

Carl's Transports and Tours offers RELIABLE TAXI SERVICE ON TAHITI: operated with a spotless reputation and years of experience, Carl will take you FROM anywhere you are on Tahiti TO wherever you need to be on the island ON TIME!

Early morning or late night runs to the airport and hotel transfers no problem. Perfect english and French spoken.
Carl's Transport services also offers great CIRCLE ISLAND TOURS OF TAHITI AND MOOREA!

Please SEE OUR WEBSITE for all the details.

Le' Truck

Undoubtably the most economical way to travel throughout Tahiti... Prices are around $1.25 francs for any location on the island!

This is cheap, cheap, cheap folks! Perhaps the best deal you'll get in all of French Polynesia...
The trucks- "Le truck" (easily recognizable by their green, blue green, and other spiffy blue paintjobs) offers TOTAL ISLAND CIRCUMNAVIGATION, including getting to and around the Tahiti- Iti peninsula.

The way it works is simple: You board the trucks at pre-determined and common road pickup points. (In Papeete, the main station is located on General De Gaulle Street, near the big white church.) The closer you are to the city of Papeete, the more common the scheduled stops are but they are flexible!

If you want to get on Le' Truck, and you're not at a pre-determined pickup point, just get to a wide spot in the road, (somewhere they can pull over), and wave your arms like you're a madman! If they see you, they'll pull over... Conversely, if you're already on the bus, and you see a spot you want to disembark, simply grab the "bell wire" on the bus and pull.... "Ding, ding"... they'll stop!

Le' Truck is extremely common with the locals too! For any travelers, a "Le' Truck" experience is a must, as you will most likely certainly have your first interactions with the local and quite friendly Polynesians here!

Try and get Le' Truck schedules at the airport, or ask your hotel or pension about the Truck schedules once you've settled in.

Rental Cars, Scooters, Bicycles

Rental Cars on TahitiSome places that provide rental cars on Tahiti are listed below. You can make arrangements yourself or know that MOST hotels and Pensions will be able to make them for you.

(Depending on your chosen accomodations, some will charge a nominal fee for this service. For most, your hotel or pension is the easiest and fastest way to get your rental going.) For those penny pinchers and self arrangers, you may save a buck or two, but you'll definitely have to work for it.

Many rent-a-vehicle agencies are located in downtown Papeete. As with all other Polynesian islands, the ever present EUROPCAR is here, along with a few other local competitors.

They all are fairly competitive with each other on price, so it's really a matter of where you end up locationwise or who has available cars on the day you need them as to which one you will choose. Many of the places listed below who rent cars also rent motorscooters and bicycles by the day or week.

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Hertz Rent- A- Car (Papeete & Tahiti)

P.O. Box 1617, Papeete- TAHITI
Main office in Tipaerui (downtown) Papeete
(689) 42.04.71, Fax (689) 43.49.03
E-MAIL & Reservations

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Other offices: Faaa International Airport -(689) 82.55.86

Hotel Tahiti Beachcomber Parkroyal- (689) 86.51.10, extension 554

Hotel Royal Papeete- (689) 42.01.29

Hotel Tahiti Country Club- (689) 42.60.40, Telephone- (689) 79.19.57, Fax- (689) 66.28.41


Avenue du Prince Hinoi, Papeete
P.O. Box 4366, Papeete - TAHITI
Tel. (689) 45.24.24, Fax (689) 41.93.41,( 24 Hour service)
Tahiti International airport: (689) 86.60.61
Hotel Sofitel Maeva Beach- (689) 42.80.42

Rue des Remparts, Papeete
P.O. Box 4466, Papeete - TAHITI
Tel. (689) 41.93.93, Fax (689) 42.19.11
24 hour service- Tahiti Int'l. Airport -(689) 85.02.84

DANIEL RENT- A - CAR (Tahiti, PK 5)
Pk 5, 5, next to Tahiti Int'l Airport
P.O. Box 1445, Papeete - TAHITI
Tel. (689) 82.30.84, Fax (689) 85.62.64
Tahiti Int'l. Airport -(689) 81.96.32

P.O. Box 1855, Papeete - TAHITI
Tel. (689) 42.74.49, Fax (689) 81.07.77
24 hour service- Tahiti Int'l. Airport, -(689) 85.02.84
Tahiti Int'l. Airport -(689) 81.94.00

Boulevard Pomare, Papeete, P.O. Box 1047, Papeete - TAHITI, Tel. (689) 42.97.20, Fax (689) 42.63.00

A general pricing guide is the same on Tahiti as with her outlying islands:
Fiat "Pandas", or other low grade cars without air conditioning begin around US $ 65-75.00/day, and prices go on up to around US $ 100.00 - 175.00/day for the more lavish cars w /air and extras...

Hondas, 4x4's, Volvos, Renaults, minivans, Peugots, and Toyotas are among the local favorites, and there are even luxurious Mercedes available.

TST Comment on Rental Cars:
Depending on the season, availability of rental cars can be an issue. Even in the "off" season, it is a good idea to pre arrange a rental car before landing on Tahiti if you can. Your hotel can do this for you if you remind them to do so when you book your room, or you can make the arrangements yourself by calling ahead.

In most cases, a car will be available to you, but don't take that for granted, as you may end up looking at a scooter as your next best option...

Limousine Service

There is one limousine service for Papeete: They have a nice airport greeting. They will greet you at the Tahiti- Faaa International airport with a traditional flower lei and, during your transfer to your hotel, offer you a welcoming "maitai" on board!

P.O. Box 13 722 Punaauia- TAHITI, Telephone- (689) 77.71.70, Fax- (689) 45.58.45
A la Carte- 24 hour transfers upon request. Excursions to the Gauguin Museum and other points of interest, including covering all of Papeete.

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How will you get To and Around the Society Islands?
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The Society Islands are the perfect setting for the ultimate in romantic getaways for newlyweds or newly found romances.
Popular activities include Tahitian weddings and renewing wedding vows using interesting traditional Tahitian methods.

honeymooners on beach

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