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Lesson # 2

maeva -


Maita'i? -

how are you?

marae -

holy religious site

mauruuru -

thank you

motu -


nana (or parahi) -


orero -

oratorical art

Ori Tahiti -

traditional dance

paepae -

stone platform


Visit our special pearls section to learn all about French Polynesia's most famous little treasures: the enchanting BLACK PEARLS of TAHITI...

Or, follow the links below to buy them direct.

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Baroque Pearl Necklaces

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Pearl Earrings

Black Pearl Necklaces
Black Pearl Necklaces

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From our pearly pages, you'll learn what to look for when choosing Tahitian black pearls, tips on caring for them, interesting pearl legends, history, facts, and much more.

tahiti black pearls

Exploring the interior of Tahiti via 4x4...

Many people come to French Polynesia's most famous island of Tahiti "to get away from it all" and relax.

Although Tahiti is indeed a wonderful place to enjoy a peaceful vacation, not everyone wants to merely lounge around taking in the sun and sights at such a casual pace. Some people want adventure!

Explore the interior of the island by 4x4, head out for some world class deep sea fishing, go shark feeding, or find the hidden canyons, waterfalls, and mountain trails of Tahiti Polynesia's largest island...

This page is your ADVENTURES guide to Tahiti!

TST makes choosing your favorite island activity easy! If you want MORE choices, simply check out our other "To Do" pages: WATERSPORTS, ISLANDFUN, RELAXATION, RECREATION & GAMES, or SHOPPING, SERVICES & RESTAURANTS.

For activities of an urban nature, see our PAPEETE ACTIVITIES section now, or check the "WHAT TO SEE" section for lots of sightseeing and exploring ideas, touring, island attractions, and other interesting things to see and do!

4x4 Safaris

The island of Tahiti has the largest and most complex 4 wheel drive road system of any of the Polynesian islands. Your method of travel...The island's sheer magnitude is the reason for this. It has more land mass than any other island, and also more than one large, interconnected valley, perfect for trails and off roading fun.

Although the roads are open all year round, they are not always passable... 4x4's, motorcycles, or quadrunners are the only vehicles able to handle the often treacherous conditions.

The passability of these roads depends on the amount of rainfall and the season, with the winter months being the wetter. (and, according to more than one guide, the most interesting because of the amount of waterfalls and plants blooming...)

The most commonly traveled circuit for 4x4 tourism is a 40 kilometer journey cutting through the heart of Tahiti, beginning and ending at Papenoo and Mataiea valleys, respectively. From either end, you'll start off at sea level and meander through steep valleys as you climb and climb until finally reaching the apex (and tunnel) at nearly 760 meters high. Depending on the season, this island crossing can take 5 hours to 3 days...

There's also some great offroading possibilities on Tahiti's smaller island peninsula, Tahiti-iti.Majestic mountains all around...
Although nowadays the entire interior of Tahiti and the peninsula of Tahiti-iti are completely undeveloped, this wasn't always the case...

On a typical 4 wheel drive excursion, you will see and learn about how Tahiti's interior used to have a large native population living within its valley walls. You will pass by old Maraes, numerous archeological stones marking ancient villages and places of importance, and see the ancient valleys where the inhabitants grew their crops.Thousands of species of plants...

You will also visit French Polynesia's only lake- a place that also shares a rich and interesting history, see countless waterfalls and mountain streams, and vertical, tropical cliff walls that will astound you with their beauty.

Along the whole journey, you will also be learning about the fascinating botanical nature of Tahiti. There are over 15,000 kinds of plants living on the island! Many have been introduced by man and have interesting characteristics worthy of picture taking and notes!

There's a lot more to learn on a wonderful 4x4 journey on Tahiti. Take a tour with our featured guiding company below for a day you'll never forget!

Tahiti Sun Travel Recommends:

Patrick Adventure

PO. Box 20 999, 98 713 Papeete- TAHITI
Contact: Mr. Patrick CORDIER
Telephone (689) 83.29.29, Cell (689) 79.08.09
Fax (689) 76.05.99

Guided 4x4 journeys through the heart of Tahiti with long time Tahiti Resident Patrick Cordier.

Papenoo and Mataiea valley trips, & Tahiti-iti exploration in custom Mazda 4x4.
Minimum 1, maximum 8 passengers per truck, w/ groups of up to 40 persons ok.

Also, guided excursions including hiking and trekking, (Including Lava tube exploration), day touring and nature walks, camping, etc. His knowledge of the botanical, historical, and cultural aspects of the island make for excellent 1/2 day or full day excursions.


And here's the rest of the 4x4 companies on Tahiti:

PO. Box 14 445, 98 701 Arue- TAHITI
Telephone - (689) 42.14.15/ 77.80.76, Fax- (689) 42.10.07
4 Land Rovers. 4x4 excursions on Tahiti and the Tahiti-iti peninsula.
Minimum 4, maximum 32 passengers.

PO. Box 381 236- 98 718 Punaauia- TAHITI
Telephone- (689) 43.03.83, Cell- 79.31.21, Fax- (689) 43.03.83
1 Landrover. 4x4 excursions of Tahiti island and her Tahiti-iti peninsula. Minimum of 1 passenger, maximum of 8, Groups up to 40 passengers also possible...

Quad Runners

Here is another company on Tahiti that makes it their business to have fun every day in a unique way. They take out groups of people to the Papenoo Valley on Quadrunners. (motorized 4 wheel, all terrain vehicles, for those of you not familiar with them.)They are a lot of fun!

In your day, you'll cross rivers, see waterfalls and pure mountain streams, and have lunch at the Relais de la Maroto in the Papenoo Valley.

PK 18, Papenoo Valley, PO. Box 10 647 - 98 711 Paea- TAHITI
Telephone- (689) 53.33.90/ 78.61.94, Fax- (689) 53.33.90
Guided quadrunner tours. 4 quadrunners total. Bring: Towel and running shoes. Maximum passengers- 8, Full day trips. Reserve 7 days/ week.

Hiking, Climbing, & CanyoningGreat hiking and trekking...

Hiking Tahiti's interior trail system is an entirely different proposition than our casual walking or Eco & cultural tours sections on the ISLAND FUN slides and mountain pools...

Some of this hiking is pretty strenous, but the rewards are many, if you're willing to give it a go...

Take a trip to Fautaua waterfalls, or one of the many other streams and waterfalls in the interior. Find and swim in chrystal clear streams and mountain pools...

Climb Tahiti's largest or second highest mountains, Mt. Orohena and Mt. Pitohiti, in a day, or try ascending another tropical peak. The climbs are steep, but the views on top are oh so spectacular!

Other hiking and trekking trips include discovering the famous Lava Tubes of Tahiti for an interesting day, venturing out to see Tahiti's only lake, or exploring the solitude, cliffs, canyons and coastline of Tahiti's undeveloped Tahiti-Iti Peninsula.

You'll be best off with a guide on your outing. Here's a great list of Trekking and climbing guides, hiking organizations, and related businesses on Tahiti:

PO. Box 50 155, 98716 Pirae- TAHITI
Telephone - (689) 50.93.57/ 43.76.90
Fax- (689) 43.76.90
2 days/ 1 night excursions (with bivouac) Minimum 4,
Maximum 20 passengers. DISCOVER TAHITI- ITI peninsula.

PO. Box 9304, 98 715 Papeete- TAHITI
Telephone- (689) 43.04.64/ 77.02.22, Fax- (689) 43.04.64
Hikers association composed of many professionals offering different outing levels. Hiking excursions organized in all the islands of the Society Archipelago.

PO. Box 7426, 98719 Taravao- TAHITI
Telephone - (689) 57.22.67, Fax- (689) 57.21.67
2 to 3 day treks and camping. Minimum 5, maximum 10 passengers.
Discover Tahiti-Iti peninsula.

PO. Box 7509, 98 719 Taravao- TAHITI
Telephone - (689) 57.00.57
1 to 2 day, 1 night treks with bivouac.
Minimum 4, maximum 6 passengers.
Discover Tahiti-Iti peninsula.

PO. Box 11 023, 98 709 Mahina- TAHITI
Telephone - (689) 43.92.76/ 77.48.11, Fax- (689) 43.92.76
Trekking, hiking, and canyoning on the Tahiti-iti peninsula and also the interior of Tahiti Nui. Also, organized hikes on request throughout the Society Islands.
Minimum 4, maximum 8 people.

PO. Box 110 361, 98 709 Mahina- TAHITI
Telephone - (689) 48.16.24
1-3 days hiking and trekking circuits to the interior of
Tahiti-Nui and the Tahiti-iti peninsula.
Minimum 5, Maximum 10 passengers.

PO. Box 1180, 98 729 Papetoai- MOOREA
Telephone - (689) 56.48.77/ 41.35.07, Fax- (689) 56.48.77
Trekking, hiking, and canyoning: 7 days in the interior of Tahiti-Nui, including 2 days in the Pari on the Tahiti-iti peninsula and also climbing the highest peaks on Tahiti.
Or, take a 21 day "trekking in the islands" trip with us on the islands of Raiatea, Tahiti, Tahaa, Moorea, and Tetiaroa atoll.
Minimum 6, maximum 12 passengers.

PO. Box 21 183, 98 713 Papeete- TAHITI
Telephone - (689) 43.25.95/ 77.24.37, Fax- (689) 43.25.95
1 to several days treks of the interior of Tahiti-Nui
and the Tahiti-iti peninsula.
Minimum 4, maximum 5 people.

PATRICK ADVENTURE (see link above)
PO. Box 20 999, 98 713 Papeete- TAHITI
Contact: Mr. Patrick CORDIER
Telephone (689) 83.29.29, Cell (689) 79.08.09, Fax (689) 76.05.99

Hiking, trekking, lava tube exploration, & canyoning on Tahiti and Tahiti-iti peninsula with long time Tahiti Resident Patrick Cordier.
Minimum 4, maximum- 20 persons, depending on the difficulty of the excursion.
His knowledge of the botanical, historical, and cultural aspects of the island make for excellent 1/2 day or full day excursions.
Also, guided 4x4 safari journeys through the heart of Tahiti and less strenous Day touring and nature walks. See the hyperlinks for details!

Deep Sea Fishing

Details coming soon...

Shark & Ray Feeding

Details coming soon...

Adventures on the Other Islands of
Go find yourself an adventure in French Polynesia!
An Internetwork of Travel & Tourism Guides
for the Main Islands of Tahiti Polynesia.

& Tahaa

Moorea Island


Bora bora




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The Society Islands are the perfect setting for the ultimate in romantic getaways for newlyweds or newly found romances.
Popular activities include Tahitian weddings and renewing wedding vows using interesting traditional Tahitian methods.

honeymooners on beach

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