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Le Paradise!Papeete's nightlife is quite interesting to observe... The city definitely has its own distinct personality which is most easily felt at night.

The experiences you have here can be considered part of French Polynesia's only "urban" scene.

The town seems to change as the sun goes down. People switch from day to day business mode into "party" mode.

For more information on what to do in Papeete, see our PAPEETE CITY ACTIVITIES section now, or check the "WHAT TO SEE" section for lots of sightseeing and exploring ideas, touring, island attractions, and other interesting things to see and do!

Nightlife: An Overview

Papeete has a rather unique flavor as far as its nightlife is concerned.Downtown Papeete at night...

An ambitious blend of local Tahitians, (including Chinese blends, various Polynesian islanders, Mahus, gays, and tranvestites), along with the French citizenry, Australians, Americans, assorted traveling Europeans, and the ever present "tourists" from parts of the globe both far and wide all converge on French Polynesia's ONLY urban center looking for night-time entertainment, party fun, fine dining, and whatever other kinds of unique Tahitian experiences they can find here...

The center for most of the activities is along Papeete's waterfront road near the main dock and Ferry quay. In less than 1/4 mile in either direction from the ferry dock can be found the majority of all the bars, nightclubs, restaurants, "private clubs", cyber cafes, etc.

There are basically 2 pockets of evening activities along this waterfront strip:
1) Around Le Retro and across the street from the main ferry wharf, and
2) The businesses along the far easterly side of town with Club Paradise as a good marker.

The entertainment strip can be easily covered by foot in a night, but to really explore the various businesses obviously would take several more...

There are also a few convenience stores open for gum, magazines, cigarettes, beer, etc, and a few snack bars and restaurants also remain open for late night munchies. Aside from these businesses, bars, and nightclubs, nothing else is open in Papeete until around 7:00 am.

Bars & Clubs

Papeete has some pretty fun bars along the waterfront strip and a few interior streets. Most of them are open until the people go away... During the week, this is usually around 1 or 2, but on weekends many are open all night.

Listings of the Papeete bars and clubs coming to this site as soon as we get to it...

The "Cafe" Scene (In general)

The "cafe" scene in Papeete is excellent. In following what seems to be a worldwide trend, Papeete's cafe's compete with many of the best and well known restaurants of the city in a never ending search for more customers.Cyber scene in Papeete

By offering more than just food on the menu, most "cafes" attract a more diverse customer base than traditional restaurants...

The "quotes" around the word "cafe" may explain the phenomenon... "Cafes" can be whatever they want to nowadays. If you have a few computers, you can be a "cyber cafe". If you serve alchohol, you are a "cafe/ bar". Or, if you have any sort of live entertainment or activities at your place, you could be an "entertainment cafe".

The only thing you really must do to claim yourself a cafe is serve an occasional coffee, preferrably of good quality...  see the listings below for choices in Papeete.The old Tiki Soft cafe in Papeete

Regarding "Cyber Points/ Cafes":

On most of the smaller Polynesian islands, "Cyber cafes" are still a relatively new thing. As the internet began to make its mark on these islands only a few short years ago, "cyber points" began springing up in random places.

Basically, an island "cyber point" was (and still is in many places), a no frills access point to the internet and little else... No ambiance or amenities offered. Many were located in the backs of shops or in some dark room, and had the slowest of slow computers... until recently...

Now the cyber cafe bug has hit hard in the islands like it has in every other country on earth and the whole scene is quickly improving.
Papeete is lightyears ahead of its outerlying islands in terms of Cyber cafe evolution.

Cafes & Cyber Points in Papeete:

Vaima Center, Papeete- TAHITI
Telephone- (689) 42.78.61, Fax- (689) 41.28.43

Rue Jean Gilbert, Papeete- TAHITI
Telephone/ Fax- (689) 48.08.48

Rue de Ecoles, Papeete- TAHITI
Telephone- (689) 48.36.36, Fax- (689) 48.36.37
Restaurant, cafe, dancing, internet access and more in the heart of Papeete.

Avenue de General de Gaulle, Papeete- TAHITI
Telephone- (689) 42.75.95

Papeete- TAHITI
Telephone # coming as soon as we can find it.
Internet access point, (not a "cafe"), but good speed connections.

Papeete- TAHITI, (near the post office)
Telephone contact: (689) 50.82.08 (Pirae)
Internet access point, (not a "cafe"), but good speed connections and good rates.


Although most Tahitians enjoy a game of pool, finding a good table is not always easy. The best place to shoot pool in downtown Papeete is:

P.O. Box 111, Papeete- TAHITI, Telephone- (689) 54.16.16
Along the waterfront strip, this place has a large and relatively flat pool table. All challengers are welcome, all you have to do is sign your name on the board and CONSUME drinks...
This bar is also the home of LE PARADISE nightclub on weekends.


Gambling USED to be (until the year 1999), legal in Papeete, and quite a thriving business. But now, sadly, one cannot find any organized gambling in any form at all in town. Where there used to be high end casinos, there now are only poolrooms and a few private clubs that we have no idea how to get into.

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The Society Islands are the perfect setting for the ultimate in romantic getaways for newlyweds or newly found romances.
Popular activities include Tahitian weddings and renewing wedding vows using interesting traditional Tahitian methods.

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