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traditional oven



A ori!












Ia ora na!-

Good Morning




We "fly" in Polynesia! The love and business of Polynesia:

The TAHITI SUN TRAVEL NETWORK began in 1998 as a commercial internet enterprise based out of Santa Monica, California, USA.

Comprised of a small group of entrepreneurs who enjoyed traveling in the Tahitian islands, our motivation was (and still is) to explore the islands of French Polynesia seeking experiences, information, friendships, and an increased knowledge of the people and culture of Tahiti Polynesia.

We also seek BUSINESS connections (links and local internet customers) and make no apologies for integrating commercialism with useful information. That's what we do...

We use the internet as our forum to share and provide information about French Polynesia with the world. We discovered years ago (and currently believe) that the internet is the most effective way of transferring information on the planet. We also believe we provide the best possible "internet value" to anyone operating a business on Tahiti or any of her surrounding islands.

See our client link rates & advertising opportunities.

In the spirit of the wonderful Lonely Planet guidebooks reveared by travelers the world over, we strive to be an informative and complete guide for travelers and vacationers wishing to experience Tahiti and her surrounding islands.

Our information is not biased, as we aren't PERSONALLY associated with any promotional or tourism related businesses in French Polynesia other than the ones linking via our network and our friends.

See our LINKING CLIENT base:


Only some of us live in French Polynesia!

Of the 3 people professionally involved in the TST Network, (read about us below), only 1 still lives in French Polynesia and the other 2 live in California. Although we all come from different backgrounds, we all share a common love for the Tahitian islands in our hearts and on these internet pages.

The owner & Founder

It's not always this easy...

Ian hard at work in the Polynesian Islands!

The owner and founder of the company is Ian Robichaud. The majority of information on all the pages of the TSTN are written by him.

Constantly striving for originality, he gathers his information from a variety of sources: Personal experience, guide and travel books, tourist promotional information, and books and brochures put out by Tahitian and French businesses, among others.

Ian's main goal is to eventually have TAHITI SUN TRAVEL internationally recognized as the HIGHEST QUALITY, most complete, and most trusted collection of information and links for Tahiti and her islands on the internet. He travels throughout the islands of French Polynesia as many as 2-3 times per year, (or, sometimes as little as once every year and a half), alone or with friends, in order to build the business.

If you wish to speak with Ian Robichaud:
You are invited to call him between the hours of 8am until 11pm, 7 days a week, Pacific Standard time, at his home in Santa Monica, California. (310) 392-4742.

Contact Notes:
1) Ian will NOT accept collect calls from out of state or country nor will he call you back at your number at his expense! Please understand that if he did that, he'd soon go broke and the whole network would wither away and die...

2) Ian doesn't speak fluent French, as of yet. Any French translations on the TST network are completed by his French speaking father or his 2 Polynesian partners (details below).)

3) Of course you can always EMAIL him any time of day or nite.

The "Contact Us" links on the bottom of the pages of their respective islands all go to him. He'll attempt to answer most emails. Certain questions may stump him, but if he can, he will find someone else who can answer them... Please be patient to receive answers to difficult questions.

Le French Polynesian Connection

It's FRED!

Le comissioneur
en affaires locales.

The Tahiti Sun Travel Network has a French Polynesian contingent that used to live on Bora bora that can sometimes help you. His name is Frederic Bensif and he works hard for his money.

We like to call him our "comissioneur en affaires locales", (which translates loosely into "the guy who gets things done" in English).

What can he do for you?
Essentially our "French Connection", Fred understands the local business mentality and is well connected in Polynesia.

His role being multi-dimensional, he currently focuses on answering the many real estate and business opportunity emails that our subsidiary company, TAHITI SUN DEVELOPMENT, yields, as well as doing the legwork for that portion of our business. He also speaks fluent Japanese, translates webpages in many languages, and is an excellent musician.

Fred is quite busy, so, should you require his assistance, please be patient in getting a response from him. As mentioned above, he can be contacted by EMAIL, but please limit your questions to real estate or business opportunities.

French Polynesian Representive & Guiding light Supermama

We love to hear from you!

Claudine doesn't mind getting her hands dirty!

Tahiti Sun Travel has another "original" French Polynesian Representative. Her name is Claudine Goche.

Claudine was Ian's first contact and best friend in Polynesia and has been instrumental in helping Ian progress with the business over the years. Originally coming from a Caribbean heritage (but raised in France), she has been living in Polynesia now for over 29 years. Obviously, she speaks perfect French.

Claudine has recently retired from over 30 years of operating a successful boat charter business called the Danae 4 (based out of Raiatea) but is still active in booking sailing charters for her friends and occassionally still works as a sales representive for Tahiti Sun Travel.

What else can she do for you?

Claudine's role and "position" in the TSTN is ever changing. Having played many roles over the years, her current focus is in helping with sales and translations, however, in addition to that, she knows the islands as well as anyone and can try and help any French speaking people or locals interested in learning more about the details of the TST network.

She will try and answer your questions or concerns as best she can. Please have patience in receiving answers to detailed questions.
If you are Polynesian, she can be instrumental in getting your business on our network. Her local telephone numbers on Raiatea are (689) 66.12.50, or (689) 78.38.07, or you can contact her by EMAIL


Even though we always strive for accuracy on all information on the Tahiti Sun Travel Network, we wish to make it clear:

1) WE DON'T DIRECTLY REPRESENT ANY OF OUR LINKING CUSTOMERS OR BUSINESSES. We merely provide them a link to our diversified and informational network as a means of increasing their internet presence. All linking businesses on our network are responsible for the accuracy of their own information and what they say and claim about themselves is up to them.

2) Due to constantly changing information, contacts, events, numbers, prices, etc, and our inability to monitor them on a day to day basis, THERE MAY BE INNACURATE OR OUT OF DATE INFORMATION, LINKS, ETC., ON ANY OF OUR PAGES AT ANY TIME.


Copyright & Photo note:

All text, photos, and design rights reserved- 1998- 2011, Tahiti Sun Travel Network and Ian Robichaud- all pages of all websites, with the following exceptions:

1) Text- Certain excerpts on the Tahiti General Information page, which are used with permission from the Tahiti Tourisme Bureau- Papeete office.

2) Photographs and Graphics- Approximately 5% of all photographs and graphics throughout the entire TST network are the property of the photographers noted and credited at the bottom of the associated webpage. The source for these photos are friends and clients, old Tahiti Tourisme Planners, and/ or brochures or promotional material from businesses throughout Tahiti-Polynesia and used with the knowledge of that business and/ or the Tahiti Tourism Bureau- Papeete office, etc.

On rare occasions, a photo will be used from an older brochure or piece of promotional material that has no photographers credit associated with it. If you are someone who thinks you may have taken one of these, please contact us so we can appease you with a proper photo credit, reciprocal internet link, or deletion of your photo from our network at your request.

Under no circumstances do we wish to infringe on anybody's photo rights!

Privacy Policy:

This website and others comprising the business entities known as the "Tahiti Sun Travel Network" and/or "Basecamp International Travel Network" use third-party advertising companies to serve Google ads when you visit our webpages. These companies may use information (not including your name, address, email address, or telephone number) about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you.

If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices about not having this information used by Google, click here

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Discover the islands of Tahiti Polynesia!
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Bora bora




An interactive bulletin board covering a diverse array of Tahitian subjects.

Ask questions, get advice, meet people, be crazy!

It's fun, easy, and informative!

Discover the
Tahiti of Yesteryear
132 black and white photographs of Tahiti, Bora bora, Moorea, Huahine, and Taha'a in 1957

...BEFORE The Bounty movie, before the tour boats, before the commercialism...

Author signed, limited edition books are a Tahiti Sun Travel exclusive offer.


...with our EZ Print Internet Coupons for activities, lodging, car rentals, and many other things travelers (and locals) spend money on in French Polynesia.*
EZ print coupons SAVE YOU MONEY in TahitiRemember: French Polynesians don't "negotiate" or barter with their published prices...

These coupons are worth cold, hard cash!

*For a quick glance at our vendors, see our COUPON FINDER now!


Find out Who's Who and Where -
On the Tahiti Sun Travel Network.

Also, are they a Coupon Program participant?

We have many different linking members throughout our pages and are adding more regularly...

This handy quick reference saves time when you don't have time to explore the network. (Members are listed alphabetically and categorized per/ island site.)

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